DIY Body Scrub – Coffee, Sugar, and Lime

In our home. mornings always start with a cup of freshly, brewed coffee, so we have a constant supply of used coffee grounds that weΒ re-use in different ways. One of my favorite ways to reuse coffee grounds is as a body scrub. It's a natural, chemical free, safe way to exfoliate skin, unlike commercial body… Continue reading DIY Body Scrub – Coffee, Sugar, and Lime



Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a flowering plant from the carrot family (Apiaceae). It is a perennial herb with bright green, featherlike leaves or fronds and yellow flowers that grow in umbels. This herb has a mildly sweet, aromatic, anise-like flavor, and every part of the Fennel is edible. Fennel seeds is a spice used as… Continue reading Fennel