Styling Plants – with Terra Cotta Pots

Clay pots can be painted to give them a new look. I see lots of terra cotta pots painted in pastel colours or designed with vibrant patterns. I do like the natural “rust” orange colour of terracotta and that unglazed texture that only gets more attractive as they age. Clay pots coated with white paint are nice too. Apart…… Continue reading Styling Plants – with Terra Cotta Pots

Styling Plants – with Baskets

I’m loving the big, round, plant baskets I see in lots of interior photos on IG. Do you? These rustic plant containers sold online are handwoven using natural, sustainable materials like seagrass, pandan or dried plant leaves. They come in different shapes, sizes, textures, and colours. I have come across shops that source their products from Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe,…… Continue reading Styling Plants – with Baskets