Inspiring Ideas on Bringing Plants to Your Work Space

If you love plants as much as i do, then I’m sure you are constantly on the look out for new and better ways to incorporate greenery in your space.  And because I spend most of my weekdays working online from home, it’s very important for me to make my work space organized, clean and inspiring. As you can guess, bringing in plants to this space is a must for me.

Well, I’m still in the process of creating my “ideal” work station. For instance, I need to find the right chair to lessen the stigma of sitting for long hours. Not that having the “proper chair” is an excuse not to stand up and take breaks. But still, I do need to get myself a new chair that won’t strain my back and won’t break my budget. (Any suggestions?)

My  current work station is far from complete, so I like to gather ideas on decorating and organizing. Needless to say, I am attracted to botanical-inspired interiors. So whether you work from your home office like me, or a studio, or in a real office setting, I hope you’ll enjoy taking a look at these interior design ideas on bringing in plants to a work space.

green work space

plants in workspace

built in plant shelf

botanical work space

plants in work space

Plants on work desk

plants on work desk

plants in home office

plants in white home office

plants on work desk

Photos:  Casahaus |  OldBreandNew | The Future KeptFemkeppastjin via | MargotHupert | Decor8HistoriasDeCasa | Pinterest | Notey |

Which one is your favorite?


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