DIY Body Scrub – Coffee, Sugar, and Lime

In our home. mornings always start with a cup of freshly, brewed coffee, so we have a constant supply of used coffee grounds that we re-use in different ways. One of my favorite ways to reuse coffee grounds is as a body scrub. It’s a natural, chemical free, safe way to exfoliate skin, unlike commercial body scrubs that contain plastic microbeads that are not only artificial but harmful to our planet as well.

If you’re looking at beauty products, please take a moment to read the label and choose brands that do not use plastic microbeads and are free of any plastic ingredients. Or consider making your own as you can often find some great ingredients straight from your kitchen. Coffee grounds is just one wonderful example. You can make different body scrubs, by using whatever ingredients are available to you.

For instance, here is a simple recipe that combine coffee with lime and sugar. I use brown sugar but white sugar or salt works too. Because we have leftover slices of lime, I use the juice and zest as well. You can definitely substitute with lemon, olive oil, or coconut oil.  Mix all three ingredients and voila, my homemade coffee body scrub is ready!


3 tablespoons coffee grounds

1 tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon lime juice

Gently scrub all over your body. Leave on for about 5 or 10 minutes. Relax and enjoy the aromatic smell of coffee. Bathe with gentle soap or body wash, and rinse with warm water.

I like to exfoliate at least once or twice a week, but that should depend on your skin type. Overexfoliating can do more damage than good so don’t overdo it, even though it feels good.

This mixture is good for one person, but you can definitely make a small batch, store it in the refrigerator and it should be good to last for a couple of weeks.

Do you like natural, homemade body scrubs, too? And what’s your favorite body scrub recipe?


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