Styling Plants – with Terra Cotta Pots

Clay pots can be painted to give them a new look. I see lots of terra cotta pots painted in pastel colours or designed with vibrant patterns. I do like the natural “rust” orange colour of terracotta and that unglazed texture that only gets more attractive as they age. Clay pots coated with white paint are nice too.

Apart from aesthetic preference, many plantlovers choose clay pots over plastic containers because they are porous and thus provide natural aeration and insulation for the plant roots. Earthenware vessels also absorb excess moisture, preventing the possibility of rootrot as a result of overwatering. For plants that dislike sitting in wet soil, terra-cotta pots are ideal. You just need to be aware of your watering routine to keep the soil from completely drying out.

If terra cotta pots weren’t so hard to come by where we live, I’d love to have all our houseplants in them. I’ve been looking for a shop that sells terracotta planters in different sizes but the only ones I’ve seen so far are mini clay planters, which are what I currently use for my little cacti and succulents. So, in the meantime, here are a few ideas on styling plants with terra cotta:


2. ikea

3. wecanmakeanything

4. taleofanuglyhouse

5. abeautifulmess

6. climerphotography


8. marionhousebook

9. entermyattic-2

10. entermyattic

11. tarynkent



Do you like terra cotta pots? Do you like them painted on or in their natural color? Which of these ideas would you like to do? Check image sources below as a lot of these photos come with a step-by-step guide on how to recreate the look.

Photos: (1) Ahre, Stylist: Johanna Bagge and Frida Schuler, found via Tant Johanna via MyScandinavianHome | (2) LivetheEmma | (3) WeCanMakeAnything | (4) ABeautifulMess | (5) TheTaleofAnUglyHouse | (6) ClimerPhotography | (7) RusticWoven | (8) Photo: Sian Richards for Chatelaine via TheMarionHouseBook | (9 & 10) EnterMyAttic | (11) TarynKent via OhHelloKelsey | (12) Photograph: Dabito – The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes by Justina Blakeney found via honestlywtf | (13) Catus and Succulents


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