Styling Plants – with Baskets

I’m loving the big, round, plant baskets I see in lots of interior photos on IG. Do you?

These rustic plant containers sold online are handwoven using natural, sustainable materials like seagrass, pandan or dried plant leaves. They come in different shapes, sizes, textures, and colours. I have come across shops that source their products from Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, and other countries, but have yet to find a local homewares shop that sell plant baskets or a maker of round wicker baskets. They do make these woven baskets called “bayong“, but these are typically rectangular and too narrow to put large pots in.

There must be a shop or a maker from the Philippines where I can buy round wicker baskets or jute baskets from. Just haven’t discovered yet. Would love to have a tall plant or tree or shrub in one! I’m thinking a Schefflera, Bird of Paradise, Banana, Monstera, Elephant Ears or a giant cactus in there? The smaller baskets are cute too!

In the meantime, found these inspiring images on styling plants with  baskets:

1.seagrass-basketsSucculents in seagrass plant baskets definitely rock!

2.sisal-woven-basketsGorgeous group of houseplants in sisal woven baskets!

3.elephants-ear-in-basketElephant ears in your bedroom? Why not! Just put in a basket!

4.succulent-in-basketHow nice is this smaller version of basket planter rocking the Rhipsalis ‘do!

5.tree-in-basketPutting a plant in a native basket is effortlessly stylish way to prettify your home!

6.tree-and-fern-in-basketsTree and fern in a native basket, painted black – rustic, and yet still so classy!

7.tree-in-plantbasketLarge baskets are really great for housing in tall plants as in this amazing light-filled dining space!

Do you like this way of styling plants indoors? Do you have a plant in a basket at home? What kind of plant basket do you have and which houseplant did you put in it? To see more photos of houseplants in baskets, click this link from my Pinterest board: “Plants, Baskets & Beautiful Interiors“.

Thanks for reading!

Photo credits: (1) Dosombre | (2) TheFutureKept | (3) Photo: Joan Kosmachuk via homegoods | (4)  Smile and Wave | (5)  Photo: Frida Ramstedt via | (6) | (7)  Photo : Christina Kayser Onsgaard via 


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