20+ Things Crazy Plant People Do

If you are a self-confessed plantlady or plantman, and you feel this extra-special affinity with plants as I do, you might find this list of ‘20 things “crazy” plant people do‘ quite relatable. Tell me, which of these not-so-crazy things are applicable to you?

  1. You enjoy coffee or tea in the company of your greenie.
  2. You spend your breaks taking snapshots of the plant nearest you with your cup of coffee or tea.Zebra cactus & coffee mug
  3. You wish you had a bathtub so you can enjoy long, relaxing, warm baths on weekends, and also, so your plants can shower together!
  4. You see a stunning plant on another plantlover’s instagram feed and your mind is saying, “I need this plant in my care!”
  5. You’ve just learned the common name of a plant, but you go get your smartphone and Google the scientific name and cultivar.Flame VioletFlame Violet (Episcia cupreata)
  6. You often go home with more plants than you originally intended to buy.
  7. You go out to buy something at the grocer’s, the bookshop or the mall, and you typically go home with new houseplants.
  8. You justify your plant hoards by reasoning that you are doing it for important health reasons – to purify air and remove chemical residues in your house or apartment.Houseplants
  9. You get all excited seeing a new leaf, a new shoot, roots or anything that signifies your plant is happy.
  10. You see a plant that isn’t being treated well outside and you want to go and rescue it.
  11. To have a plant that successfully rooted or recovered under your care is a such proud moment.Roots of Peperomia Leaf
  12. You take a photo of your favorite book, food, artwork, and you need a plant to photobomb.
  13. Some or most photos of yourself has a plant over your face.
  14. You take more plantshelfies than selfies.Selfie with Yucca Plant
  15. You greet your plants Goodmornng, Hello, and Goodnight!
  16. You find yourself imagining various ways to style your plants even when they are sitting perfectly fine in their shelves at the moment.
  17. Apart from plants you’re dying to have, your wishlist includes terra cotta pots, ceramic planters, jute plant baskets, macrame plant hangers, and gorgeous watering vessels & misters.Little plants in pots
  18. You’re going on vacation and part of your preparations include finding a reliable plant sitter to take care of your plants the whole time you’re away.
  19. One of your biggest dilemmas is keeping your plants and pets safe from each other. As a petlover and plantperson, you make yourself well-aware about which plants are toxic and which plants are not, and keeping your toxic plants out of reach of your dear dogs and cats.
  20. You dream of having your own nursery someday, complete with all kinds of tropical plants, cacti. succulents, and ferns.
  21. The botanical garden is your happy place!

So, plantladies and gentlemen, any of these habits sound familiar or ring true to you? Wish to add more to my list of “things crazy plant people do”?


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